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Why am I writing this? To make it clearer, as I "sunk". It all started unexpectedly. It should be noted that at that time I had been living in a dormitory room (given from work) for 5 years with a neighbor who hated me to death. I tried not to pay attention to her (she was 10 years older than me and didn’t expect anyone to live with her), but she got up at 5 in the morning and turned on FEN! I sprayed varnish in such a way that I could not breathe, and when she got to work (at 7), every time I aired zoloft 25mg the room and was forced to breathe it all.

I was at work by 8 o'clock, I lived nearby and could sleep peacefully until seven in the morning. But nevertheless, at 5 o'clock every day I jumped up from her hair dryer (since then I can't stand this buzz).

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  1. My job was difficult, but I liked it. I worked in court. Can you imagine what the load was there? If not, I will. Fifteen trials a day, a bunch of "unsubscribe", a bunch of requests, letters and summons. Hard morally and physically.
  2. But I never regretted working in the courts. This is the only place where you can gain a full legal experience, which is always useful.
  3. Yes, and we had a friendly team, and this time I remember with warmth.
  4. Besides, I finally started making money. Not so hot, but zoloft 50 had enough of the studs, I also helped my mother, who did not work at that time.
  5. It began, I think, all with a driving school.

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In 2005, I had an accident. The driver was drunk, I sat in the front seat, someone in my arms. The driver accelerated in earnest and we did not fit into the turn. I still remember it with horror. The car rolled over onto the roof, no one could open the door. Then someone broke the front glass, and I was able to get out. In addition to the bumps on my head, I did not have anything, but since then I began to be afraid of driving a car at high speed, as well as with little-known drivers.

I did not think that these memories will come up when I sit behind the wheel! And it happened. The instructor in a driving school I came across a young and nervous. I could not do anything, I was nervous at the wheel, my hands were shaking and my heart was pounding. Then I began to pursue a panic attack. At first I didn’t quite understand what happened to me. Thought heart trouble. Then I noticed that my heart was “falling in” even when I just lay, walked, was at work. At nights I could not sleep, terrible insomnia tormented me. At first I tried to drink sedatives: motherwort, Novo-Passit, Afobazol. But they did not help me.

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Then I noticed that my appetite was gone. Totally! I could eat yogurt or banana during the day, nothing else got into me. Then there was a terrible nausea. I feel sick every day and night. By this time, I almost did not eat anything, I lost weight so that all my clothes were hanging around me. At work, I thought I had anorexia nervosa. At home I tried to call an ambulance. But I was told that the type of nothing to invent, given glycine and that's it. I tried to go to the doctors, I was given various diagnoses: from arrhythmia to esophageal hernia. They could not find the cause of nausea, they discharged the Regiment in pills, but he did not help me.


Girls (and boys) are cute! If you have heart failure, insomnia, lack of appetite and nausea - this is NEUROSIS! In a big case, all these symptoms are from disorders of the autonomic nervous system. I am writing this so that many understand that they are not joking with nerves! I in life could not believe that this will happen to me! I went through a bunch of doctors, I was in several hospitals, but the final diagnosis was made to me a long time later. And this disease just will not work, just fail to "rest in bed". The treatment is very long and difficult. A medicine must pick a highly qualified doctor, ideally a psychotherapist, or a neurologist. Also a psychiatrist will help here.

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I will make a reservation that all antidepressants are prescribed at first in a small dose in order to minimize side effects: increased anxiety, tremor, tachycardia. I saw it in the evenings.

Not to say that the effect was immediately. I felt it a month later. Life gradually began to improve. After 3 months, I was told to stop drinking Zoloft, but I did not obey and drank it for six months, prescribed for antidepressants. Then, it was summer, I decided to finally part with antidepressants. No withdrawal syndrome, everything went well. And this fall another SURPRISE!

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It all started unexpectedly: again, insomnia, became very irritable, I was infuriated by everything and I could not calm down. Heart pounding like mad. Appetite is gone. I really did not want to go back to the drugs, but I did not see any other way out. I started to drink Teraligen, but I didn't feel the effect. Tosca did not pass, fear rolled over and over again. Having suffered for 3 months, I again came to see a psychiatrist. He advised not to resort to pills, but simply to begin to solve their problems myself, to experience more positive emotions, in general, all those truths that I already knew. But I also knew that without pills I would not get out. Reluctantly, the doctor wrote me a prescription for Zoloft.

I was prescribed to take immediately 50 mg. I will say right away: from the first day it became easier! At night, I did not wake up with a deep sense of melancholy, became less annoyed, became calmer. To date, I have two months as an antidepressant. I buy a pack of 100 mg and divide it in half, so it is cheaper. Packaging in 28 tablets costs about 1300 rubles. I have enough for two months.